For many people, part of the festival experience means letting your hair down and indulging in a few alcoholic drinks. We want you to have fun, but please drink responsibly:

Pace yourself – Don’t drink too much too soon and alternate alcoholic drinks with soft drinks.

Stay hydrated – Alcohol dehydrates you so drink plenty of water from the free water stations located around the site.

Be aware – Never leave your drink unattended. Drinks can be spiked with drugs and soft drinks with alcohol. Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.

Look after each other – Stay with people you trust and don’t let your friends wander off if they’re drunk.

Know the signs of alcohol poisoning, which include:
• Confusion
• Severely slurred speech
• Loss of co-ordination
• Vomiting
• Irregular or slow breathing
• Pale or blue-tinged skin caused by low body temperature (hypothermia)
• Being conscious but unresponsive (stupor)
• Passing out and being unconscious

If you see anyone exhibiting the above signs seek medical attention by alerting a steward or member of event staff. If someone becomes unconscious or unresponsive, put them in the recovery position while you wait for help.

Think ahead – Make plans to get home safely. If you’re getting home by car make sure your designated driver stays within the drink-drive limit.

Ask for help – If you or someone else has had too much to drink and is placing themselves in danger or is in emotional distress alert an event steward or visit the welfare area.


Some aspects of Creation Day Festival will be unsuitable forchildren. It is your responsibility to determine the suitability of the event for children in your party including performances, entertainment and the potential behaviour of other attendees:

• Children aged 5 or under will not be admitted.

• Children aged 17 and under must be accompanied by a responsible adult aged 21 or over. Photographic proof of identity and age must be provided on request at the admission gate.

• Creation Day reserves the right to determine the ratio of adults in relation to children required for adequate supervision. You may be denied entry or asked to leave if this is deemed unsuitable.

• It is advised that all children wear ear defenders. Please bring these with you.

• Buggies and pushchairs are not permitted.

Festivals can be dangerous places for children so plan ahead and make sure you’re prepared:

• Are there enough adults in the party to supervise the number of children properly?

• Drink responsibly and don’t take any drugs with children in your care.

• Always keep young children in your line of sight.

• Avoid crowds with young children – they can be scary and children are hard to see amongst a crowd and are easily lost or can be trampled on.

• Dress children in bright clothing and take a photograph for you to show staff if they go missing.

• Talk to your child about what happens if you get separated.

• Make sure phones are charged up and contact numbers are stored.

• Make sure younger children know your name.

• Given them a piece of paper with contact phone numbers on and write your number on their arm or clothing in case they lose their phone.

• When you arrive show them what event staff/police look like so they know who to ask for help and for older children arrange a place to meet if you lose each other.

• Have a discussion about alcohol and drug use with older children.

Lost children

If you get separated from your child alert a member of event staff immediately. You will be taken to the welfare area located in Creation Village and a member of staff will remain with you. You will be asked to provide a description of your child.

If you find an unaccompanied child alert a member of event staff immediately.

Any lost children will be taken to the lost child point in the welfare area located in Creation Village. If your child knows your name, we will ask you to come to the welfare area via the PA system. Alternatively, if your child has your phone number, we will attempt to contact you.


Creation Day endeavours to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone attending. We plan the event closely with police and security services.

We will do as much as we can to keep you safe. Here are some additional measures you can take to assist us:

• Adhere to the conditions of entry.

• Leave unnecessary valuables at home.

• Beware of pickpockets and keep any valuables in a money belt or bum bag instead of pockets or a rucksack.

• Educate yourself on alcohol and drugs safety.


Creation Day is a big event, and that brings big crowds. It’s exhilarating to be in the centre of the action but take care as crowds and mosh pits can be dangerous.

• Take care entering the crowd. Observe and see how people are moving and where you can find a space to move safely.

• Identify a landmark and agree to meet your party there if you get separated.

• Don’t take children into a crowded area or mosh pit, it’s hard to keep an eye on them and they are easily trampled.

• When you’re navigating a crowd be considerate of other attendees who may have mobility issues.

• Make a note of event staff locations in case of an emergency.

• If you are feeling anxious in a crowd, stay calm and make your way towards the periphery.

• Keep your arms close to your chest in the mosh pit.

• If you start to feel a crowd surge, don’t push back. Try to move into spaces and make your way to safety.

• Look out for each other – if someone falls over, or you see someone in distress, help them if you can or alert an event steward.

• Check-in with the rest of your party and make sure everyone is feeling okay.

• Take regular breaks from the mosh pit to stay hydrated.

• Follow instructions from event staff. Any actions requested will be for the safety of yourself or others so please comply.


In line with UK law, Creation Day Festival do not condone psychoactive substances (formerly known as ‘legal highs’) and/or illegal drugs.

All bags will be searched on entry and there may be sniffer dogs and police on site in addition to our team of security. Anyone found in possession of, using, or supplying psychoactive substances or illegal drugs will be evicted from the festival site, may be arrested and are liable to prosecution.

If you do decide to take drugs, there are a few things you can do to reduce potential harm:

• Educate yourself – it’s important to know what you or your friends are taking, how to take it safely, the side effects and dangers. Visit https://www.talktofrank.com/ for an A-Z guide of drugs, information and advice.

• Remember that you can never really know what is in illegal drugs or how strong they are. If you don’t know what it is, don’t take it!

• Start low and go slow – tolerance levels vary so pace yourself. Wait for the effects of one dose before considering taking another.

• Let your friends know what you are taking so they can tell medics if you get into trouble.

• Beware of mixing drugs and alcohol – some combinations can be lethal.

• Drugs can impair judgement so stay with people you trust and don’t let anyone wander off if they’ve consumed drugs or psychoactive substances.

• Ask for help if you or someone else has taken drugs and is placing themselves in danger or is in emotional distress alert an event steward or visit the welfare area. You won’t be judged and it will provide a safe space.

• Think ahead – make plans to get home safely.

• Always be honest with medics and welfare teams about what you have consumed so they know how best to help you.

• If anyone feels unwell or is exhibiting signs of distress, alert a member of event staff. If someone becomes unconscious or unresponsive, put them in the recovery position while you wait for help.

If anyone tries to offer you any drugs, please alert a member of event staff or security straight away with as much information as possible.

For further advice please visit the Festival Medical website.

Remember – all drugs are potentially lethal. The only way to avoid risks is to not take drugs at all.


Medical emergencies
In the event of an emergency alert a member of event staff who will get medical assistance. Do not ring 999 or attempt to make your way to hospital as there will be first-aiders on site and you may delay treatment by doing this.

General first aid and welfare
In the event of minor injuries or illness visit the first aid point in the welfare area located in Creation Village or speak to a member of event staff.

The below suggestions will help to avoid illness or injury:
• Bring any medication that you would normally take with you (for example inhalers, epi pens or insulin) and make the rest of your party aware of any medical conditions or allergies you have. If your medication needs to be refrigerated  or stored contact creationday@wolverhampton.gov.uk in advance to discuss your requirements. First aiders and Creation Day staff are not allowed to supply or administer medications.

• Wear sensible footwear to avoid slips, trips and falls. Creation Day is located on grass terrain which may become difficult to navigate depending on weather conditions.

• Follow our advice on alcohol and drug consumption.

• Think carefully about attending if you’re in the late stages of pregnancy as there won’t be any midwifery services on site.

• Wear insect repellent and bring antihistamines just in case you do get bitten.

• Mentally prepare yourself for the festival – some aspects such as the crowds and noise may be overwhelming so think about what you will do if this happens.

• Prepare for the weather by dressing and acting appropriately. Follow our advice for staying safe outside whatever the weather.

• If you suffer from hay fever remember to bring any medication you need.

• Break-in new footwear before you come and wear socks with shoes and wellies to avoid blisters and bring some plasters, just in case!

• Identify event staff and locate the welfare area when you arrive so you know how to get help if you need it.

• Don’t attend if you’re unwell. We know you don’t want to miss out but you’ll have a rubbish time if you don’t feel great and you could infect other festival-goers.

• COVID-19 – for the latest Coronavirus information, visit our COVID-19 section.


When you’re making your festival plans, don’t forget to factor-in getting home safely:

• Don’t leave without every member of your party. If you’re in a big group, consider having a buddy system so that you know everyone is being looked after and no one is left to get home alone.

• If you’re getting home by car make sure your designated driver stays within the drink-drive limit.

• Make a note of where you’ve parked so you don’t get lost on the way back. Allow ample time to return to your car within your allocated parking time, you don’t want to arrive and find your car has been towed!

• Only use licensed taxis and private hire vehicles. Follow the SAFETY tips here

• Pre-book your taxi/private hire vehicle and arrange for them to collect you from the designated pick-up/drop-off point.

• Leave adequate time to get to your public transport destination from the festival site so you don’t miss your train/bus/tram.

• Check public transport timetables to make sure you don’t miss the last departure time. You don’t want to get stranded with no way of getting home.

Visit our Location & Travel section for information on car parking and public transport.


Creation Day is committed to providing an enjoyable, safe andinclusive day for everyone attending and will not tolerate unlawful discrimination, harassment and victimisation and other conduct prohibited by the Equality Act 2010 on the grounds of any of the characteristics protected by law; age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership, pregnancy and maternity, race, religion or belief, sex and sexual orientation.

Harassment is both a criminal offence and a civil action under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Harassment is behaviour that causes you distress or alarm.

Examples of harassment include unwanted or inappropriate physical and sexual approaches or comments, racial slurs, homophobic or transphobic comments, non-consensual photography or recording and upskirting.

Alert a member of event staff immediately if you are made to feel uncomfortable, have been intimidated or harassed or have witnessed this behaviour. All information will be handled appropriately and with sensitivity.

Anyone whose behavior is deemed to go against Creation Day values will be evicted from site and may be reported to the relevant authorities which could result in arrest and prosecution.


Creation Day is a two-day music festival and that means it’s going to be loud! We know you want to have the best experience you can, and that might mean getting up close and personal with the stage and speakers so consider the following actions to help protect your hearing:

• Bring ear defenders/ear plugs with you and use them!  There are lots of great earplugs/ear defenders available  that will protect your ears while maintaining music quality  and make sure that speech remains audible. These won’t  be available to purchase at the festival so please bring these with you.

• It is advised that all children wear ear defenders.

• Take regular breaks from the noise – refill your water bottle,  get a snack, pop to the toilet or enjoy the attractions on site.

• Stand further back. We know you want to hear the music,  but trust us, you won’t need your ear to the speaker for that.

• Give your hearing time to recover after exposure to lots  of loud noise.


There will be a lost property point at the festival. The location will be confirmed nearer the time and this information will be updated.

Visit the lost property point on the day if you have misplaced your belongings or after the event contact creationday@wolverhampton.gov.uk to see if it has been handed in. We will hold lost property for 30 days before donating items to charity (where appropriate).

If you have found unattended property that doesn’t belong to you please hand it to a member of event staff or take it to the lost property point.


The great British weather is changeable and the forecast isn’t always accurate so it’s essential to be prepared when you’re attending a festival. Follow the tips below to make sure nothing will dampen your enjoyment:

• Prepare for all weather. You’ll regret leaving the mac at home when you’re cold and wet from a sudden downpour!

• Avoid denim – denim isn’t festival-friendly; it takes ages to dry, chafes when wet and it’s hot when it’s warm.

• Bring a raincoat with a hood. Umbrellas aren’t permitted so if it rains and you don’t have a waterproof coat, you’re going to get wet and cold very quickly. Pack away jackets are perfect as you can roll them up and pop them into your bag when not in use.

• Wear sensible footwear. Creation Day is on grass terrain which may be uneven and muddy underfoot, especially in wet weather. Waterproof, mudproof and sturdy footwear is essential to avoid slips, trips and falls and wet, sodden feet.

• Wear suncream, even when it’s cloudy.

• Bring a hat or cap to protect your face and head from the sun (or rain!)

• Don’t forget your sunglasses. They provide UV protection and stop you squinting.

• Stay hydrated and eat regularly. Top up your bottle from the free water stations located around the site and purchase food and hot drinks from the vendors in Creation Village.

• Know the signs of heatstroke and exhaustion and hypothermia and alert event staff if you need medical assistance.